William Tyler
Oahspe/Tennessee Blues
(59) plays

Pretty nice 7” from 2012 by William Tyler, with full band arrangements. Oahspe/Oashpe is a version of his 2010 album “Behold the Spirit”. I am not sure if it’s a spelling mistake or to make a difference between those two versions.

This 7” is William Tyler with full band arrangements and an early teaser of his forthcoming new record Lost Colony on Merge Records on April 29th in the same constellation.

This new record will also include a version of german Krautrock legend Michael Rother/NEU!’s “Karusell” (see this bootleg). I don’t know who else than Tyler is able to combine Nashville roots with robotic German beats.

Talking about his Nashville roots. The other song Tennesee Blues is a country/blues piece by Bobby Charles with William singing. It turns into slow dance/fuzz noise mess. Well done!

You can get the 7” from Nashville’s Dead Record Label or at William’s merch table on his tour with Daniel Rossen

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